Quick Facts

Our Cooperative

San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc. is an electric cooperative based in Christine, Texas. Our power plant and its nearby lignite mine produce 391 net megawatts of affordable, reliable electricity for our nine member cooperatives across 42 South Texas counties.

Our culture. Our commitment

At our core, we excel at problem-solving and finding solutions That’s the foundation upon which our cooperative was built, as we provide, safe, reliable power generation to South Texans. Our commitment to the environment and the communities in which we operate runs deep. We have spent more than $125 million on environmental controls since our power plant opened in 1982.

San Miguel Electric Cooperative

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Our economic impact

We contribute in many ways to the local, regional and state economies. We provide jobs to more than 498 people, which is more than $40 million in payroll annually. And we support another 1,200 regional jobs. That’s more than $68.7 million in payments to the state’s economy. Since 1980, San Miguel has added more than $100 million in property, school and county taxes to the local economy.