About Us

Our History

In the mid-1930s there was a time when 9 out of 10 rural homes lacked electricity. As a result, Congress passed the Rural Electrification Act of 1937, allowing for the formation of not-for-profit, consumer-owned electric cooperatives. We take pride in being a part of America’s rural electrification system.

Created in 1977

Created on February 17, 1977 under the Rural Electric Cooperative Act of the State of Texas, San Miguel is a cooperative corporation organized for the purpose of generating affordable and reliable electric power for its member rural electric cooperatives. San Miguel is owned by its member cooperatives. Each member cooperative is represented on the San Miguel Board of Directors.

San Miguel presently owns one 400 MW generating unit, which is located in Atascosa County, Texas. The plant is fueled with lignite, which is mined from deposits in Atascosa and McMullen Counties.

San Miguel sells power pursuant to a Wholesale Power Contract with its member-customer, South Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. (South Texas), which is a generation and transmission cooperative. South Texas sells at wholesale to their members, all of which are distribution cooperatives providing retail service to their member-customers.

The member-customers of San Miguel include:

  • Jackson Electric Cooperative
  • Karnes Electric Cooperative
  • Magic Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Medina Electric Cooperative
  • Nueces Electric Cooperative
  • San Bernard Electric Cooperative
  • San Patricio Electric Cooperative
  • South Texas Electric Cooperative
  • Victoria Electric Cooperative
  • Wharton County Electric Cooperative

Unlike investor-owned utilities, we are operated by and for the people of South Texas in predominately rural areas – regions that had historically been overlooked. We have one simple goal: reliable power, not making a profit.

"San Miguel is a company I never dreamed of working for. I learn new things every day, meet a lot of great people and enjoy great benefits and a competitive salary."

Will Turner - Control Room Operator

Power provider, employer and neighbor

Together with our mining contractor, we employ nearly 500 people from rural communities at our mining and power plant facilities, contributing more than $40 million in payroll. We support another 1,200 regional jobs in areas where economic activity is needed the most. Since 1980, San Miguel has added more than $100 million in property, school and county taxes to the local economy.